shiu sheng hung | 許聖泓


By consistently ensuring the predominance of his desired tonal palettes, Shiu Sheng-Hung’s art manifests dynamics that are exceptional both in breadth and in conceptual meaning. This visual fluidity allows his paintings to feel unique and to change in depth and appearance each time they are seen, depending on externalities which include the perspectives from which the paintings are seen and the lighting present. At the heart of this versatility lies Shiu’s overarching commentary on the nature of time and memory: the use of pearlescent paint over elements of his paintings have ethereal and transformative effects on his art while remaining crucially symbolic of the relationship between temporality and remembrance in viewers’ minds. 

In his ‘Forest’ series, Shiu remains faithful to these hallmarks of his art. Drawing upon photographs from his travels in Taiwan, he employs a primarily blue colour scheme and, selectively, pearlescent paint to signify the progression of time and the ephemeral essence of memory. These components lend a sense of ambiguity and mystery to the paintings. Shiu views his art as a mode of communication that transcends verbal expression, allowing viewers of the paintings to freely interpret them within the context of their own personal narrative. His paintings are therefore interpretations, and not mere replications, of the photographs which serve as their reference - they encapsulate the fundamental aspects of his art.

Born in 1987, Shiu graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Tainan National University of Arts in 2014 and has received numerous accolades for his work.  He has twice been honoured at the Kaohsiung Art Awards, winning the Jury’s Award and the Grand Award in 2011 and 2014 respectively; in 2015, the Taipei Art Awards granted him an Honourable Mention in recognition of his art. He lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. 


《森林》系列作品表達的是時間與記憶之間的關係。靈感來自許拍攝的台灣和世界各地的風景照,從繪畫過程中去重新發現及轉化風景為想像、詮釋和啟示的空間。 他說:「我試著將這些取樣併置,拼湊出這座島嶼的片段風景: 可見的、不可見的、被掩蓋的、不得其門而入的與再釐清的,同時也是我認識這地方的一條路徑。」 許以樸實而溫暖或柔冷的色調描繪風景,從挑選照片到處理畫面,他將時間過程展現在畫面上。珠光顏料半透明又有點泛黃的特性像是老照片的時間痕跡,隨著觀者身體移動、不同光線及時間變化,筆觸色塊悠遊其中,破碎的、抹除的、散落、隨著筆觸色塊組織圖像,比喻著記憶的短暫及生活中隨機且細碎的時刻。 《森林》系列是一個個人敘述的旅程,揭示著認知現實的神秘感和可能性。雖然許的作品表面上似乎僅僅是關於時間與記憶之關係,他同時也表達了繪畫作為媒介為自身所帶來的靈感。 「繪畫令我著迷的是過程中時間痕跡的累積、變化與所形成的圖像,它無法解決現實,而是自身為檔案(圖像)後再開啟對現實有感的觀看縫隙。」 -許聖泓(2015)  

許聖泓生於1987年台灣高雄市,立嘉義大學獲得藝術文學士(2009)及國立台南藝術大學獲得藝術碩士(2014)。他曾在臺灣舉辦無數展覽,包括主要藝術博覽會及美術館。他曾於2015年獲得由台北市立美術館美術館頒發的台北美術獎優選獎, 2014 高雄美術獎的首獎和在2014入選臺灣國立美館青年作品典藏計畫。