Selected works

Dedy Sufriadi

Nugroho Wijayatmo




Liminal Consciousness 


10- 26 Nov


In LIMINAL CONSCIOUSNESS, Indonesian artists Nugroho Wijayatmo and Dedy Sufriadi explore the liminalities and potentials of the human mind. Their works are rigorously referenced and conceptualised yet distinctly visceral and impactful. 

In his expressive and bold portraits of women, Wijayatmo sheds lights on a fraught space torn between canonical expressions of female desire and its paradigmatic negative casting in current times. With muted, blushing tones and warm highlights that effuse a quiet, glowing aura, Wijayatmo’s brushwork carries a balance of whim and meticulousness. Intricate historical motifs excerpted from Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints are overlaid, their fine golden threads and dark ink pigments lacing their way through the portraits purposefully, with neither element dominating the other and instead charging the canvas with a wealth of details and tangible energy.

Sufriadi visualises the perplexity of human reactions to cross-sections of memory, history and socio-political modalities through compositions of abstracted textual imagery. Literary excerpts in various typographies are juxtaposed, an open invitation for viewers to discover the part hidden messages through a process of continuous decipherment and revelation. Sufriadi also interplays with graphical, doodle-like elements, constructing energetic, charged expanses of expressionistic through stream-of-consciousness acts of spontaneity. From Basquiat and Twombly, his work recalls a wide swath of antecedents.

Through the distinct yet intimately analogous painting practices of the two artists, the exhibition serves as a dialogical platform for the cross-studying of slippages and intersections between consciousness and being, feeling and desire, instinct and intellect.