30 SEP - 23 OCT 2015

Tan has previously completed cityscapes of other cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Sidney, Perth, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, London...  as well as parts of China and France. 

Asked on his views on how Hong Kong differs from other cities, Tan replies: 
“Each City is unique with its people, history, culture and buildings. Hong Kong is no exception. It is a highly charged, energetic and dynamic city. The streets abound with stimuli to all senses. Though small in size it is big enough to influence the world on many aspects... The paintings are visual mementos of an aesthetic journey”.

In this Hong Kong series, Tan wants to capture the aspects that have left the deepest impression on him - the incredible hustle and bustle, intense energy, the vibrancy of colours, stimulation of all the senses and particularly - the multitude of lights. A keen photographer, Tan’s works may display unusual angles and optical effects as seen through wide angle lenses. Tan snapshots places into paintings and invites viewers to pause and absorb the city - perhaps familiar to some and less to others. 

These are places one may have passed by so frequently that they may be falling into the banality of daily life but which can be quite extraordinary in their own rights, whether standing in the middle of a busy cross-road, gazing down from tall buildings or maybe just contemplating the city’s spread of twinkling lights from the top of a mount. Tan has evolved in his style of painting to transform these scenes into visual feasts of lights, movement and sumptuous textures, finishing them with his signature flickers, symbolical of the “divine blessings from above” and embodying Hong Kong as a “City of Lights”. 

“I paint what I see happening in everyday life. I want to evoke a sense of belonging, a sense of pride and to remind people of the beauty of these places…I hope my work on Hong Kong  will resonate with the people living here.”  states the artist.